Interested in Interior Design and Decorating Courses? Here’s my top 3 DIY courses if you’re on a budget

“What’s knowledge without application one could ask” – Many wise and successful people & Janette, Zimmr Decor 

When it comes to setting up your start-up business or your dream job, I am a firm supporter of practicing your skills, hobbies and talents on a regular basis and if there is an opportunity to do so, to also gain professional or expert guidance to get you in the right direction of success. Speaking of which, I thought it would be great to pen what I believe to be some great kick starter and advanced courses for any new or seasoned interior decorators/designers out there.

I’d recommend you to visit the following websites to gain free qualifications online or via in-class training.

  1. Rhodec International Highly recommended interior decor course with a mini exam at the end to test your learning (free)
  2. Lee Brown’s Interior Dezine Courses Daily e-learning and personal insight into Lee Brown’s interior design and decoration expert tips and tricks (free)
  3. UDEMY– Learn how to design a room in 10 easy steps for your clients (basic courses at a budget price)


So what’s the benefit of doing course-specific learning to develop your skills for your brand?

  • It can give you the wings to your own financial freedom
  • It’s a flexible way to learn in your own time without feeling like your back at school again
  • Confidence in your area of expertise
  • Fun way to find your own flair
  • A combination of your personal flair and your enhanced knowledge of your industry will make you and your business more in-demand

For further courses which which require full funding check out this blog here which will give you a full breakdown of information, particularly suited for those wanting to advance their skills into interior design.

Best of luck & remember- it’s never too late to follow your dreams so why not start now.

Zimmr your Decor

Janette x,

Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions 


The new AW16 season sale has arrived! Top 3 online discounts from the UK’s premium furniture brands

No matter what time of year it is, it is safe to assume that we can all appreciate a good sale now and again and I’m excited to list 3 online offers I have caught my eye on recently so you can get your home ready for Autumn/Winter and Christmas season!

“No matter what happens…
You can always find a discount code” – Janette, Zimmr decor

1. Swoon Editions Furniture

If you regularly travel on the London Undergroun you may have come across Swoon’s latest promo campaign offering customers a great discount by entering the ‘TUBE‘ code upon checkout.


Beautifully stunning dining room with low intimate table lights, rich purple velvet tones and a neutral background. Zimmr your Decor. Image Source:

Or visit the website direct and sign up to their newsletter to get £20 off when you spend £200 on furniture!

2. Made are great for buying individual items made direct from designers, they offer a great range of items to add modern quirk or an element of chic to your chosen room. They’re offering £25 off when you buy 2 or more selected lights!

Or you can sign up to their newsletter and receive £10 off your next shop online.

3. Sofa Sofa

Finally, family run company proudly only supply furniture that’s made direct from the UK. Visit their website as they’re offering a great sale up to 30% across their range of furniture from armchairs to sofas.


Zimmr your Decor

Janette x,

Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions


A Real Honest Ask: Any tips on how to grow my brand?

Dear All,

Yes, this is a new blog post, but I wanted to do something different for once and I want to get you bloggers, social media gurus and creative wizards out there engaged! Not that you aren’t already but I want to use this space specifically for some advise and feedback. I need you to help me and I would really appreciate if you can be brutal but kind about it too as I am hugely enthusiastic about getting other peoples opinions – especially when your new to an industry, business or popular area of interest.


So now you’re here, and thanks to those whom have already been following my blog page so early on; I want to know how to grow my brand and make it successful? I’m so independent and a Gemini therefore I rarely like to ask for help but this is something I’m passionate about and I want to do really well at it so will you help me and support me to get my blog and brand awareness up there and out there to expand my interior decorating business? If so please Retweet and Share. I’m a few posts in and I absolutely love writing and sharing my latest views, tips, trends and hacks on how to improve the interior in your homehold (I prefer the word ‘home’ to ‘house’) and more importantly, I want to get more people inspired by this vision of mine and I equally want it to be authentic so I want to ask real people such as you, so I have set myself some goals and I want to get a massive push in the right direction to achieve them:

1. Expand my customer base: Interior design has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and I have always kept my projects close to home, friends and family whether it’s re-decorating a friends new property-to-let, furnishing my own home or decorating my sisters whole apartment with neutral tones and accessories. Now I’ve decided to make it into a business. I started with interior decorating ads on Gumtree and have grown my main clients from there.

What other outlets do you suggest I use to increase my customer base and bookings?

2. Improve my marketing and sharing my story: As I haven’t been able to invest an awful amount of capital into my business venture just yet, rather than creating a website for my company I decided to set up a blog, as I want people to trust in my ideas and find out what inspires me to make their dream homes come to life; so I thought I’d start off by laying out my inspiration and passion for decorating on this blogspace for them to get a feel of what type of interior decorator I am, and why they should book me to transform their home.

Any ideas on how to keep this balance on keeping myself inspired whilst running the best business to appeal to a growing clientele base?

What else should I be doing to keep customers enticed?

3. Increase my brand presence in the social media and interior decorating market space: Finally, how do I stand out? I blog based on experience and decorating tips I’ve learned from interior decorating courses and from design professionals. I also follow and review a tone of blogs and social media spaces and am truly in awe of some of the pages I visit. Two interior design bloggers that I really am obsessed with right right now are and – definitely go and check them out and see for yourself.

To follow my journey catch me on Instagram @zimmrdecor, Twitter @zimmrdecor and email me at for any interior decorating bookings or enquiries. Once again I appreciate your input and support in advance and cannot wait to let you guys know how I get on!


Zimmr Your Decor,


Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions


Express Yourself! 3 ways to decorate your home to reflect who you really are

A birdie once told me that the best way to express yourself is to paint a picture of the world from your own personal perspective. Whether its transforming your home from a blank canvas or brightening up your living room with new seasonal accessories, the key way to start decorating begins with the discovery of your own style.


I myself am quite a minimalist, I like clean cut designs with neutral tones but can appreciate that my clients would like something completely different; that’s what makes us different! So before you browse the web for hours trying to find that perfect new sofa, I encourage you to find some inner inspiration with the following questions:

1. What are your tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes?

Your surroundings affect your mood and attitude so you want to ensure that the surroundings within your home, the choice of colours and lighting make you feel relaxed, comfortable and positive.

2. What type of appeal do you want your home to achieve?

This question is key for anyone who utilizes their home for business, pleasure, leisure or social events on a regular basis.

3. What inspires you?

This question is very similar to question 1 but acutely different as it’s about what’s made you as of today and where you want to be.

Home is where the heart is and I like my clients to be open and feel that their visions, passions and motivations are centered in their homes – that way they can feel excited and reminded of who they are and what their goals are. Are you passionate about travelling, family, business, food, culture, music or philanthropy? Well then why not bring your passions into your home to make you that much more excited to wake up everyday and achieve your dreams.

Pictures JLV Creative Interior Decorating

Zimmr Your Decor,


Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions

3 key tips to DIY your interior decorating at home

Wanting to add some shimmering fabulousness to your new or existing home?

Here’s THREE key tips to owning your interior decoration project for when you get stuck:keep-calm-and-love-diy-112:

  1. Choose one item of furniture that matches the same colour of the wall paint
  2. Always have the largest furniture in the room central to the largest wall in the room
  3. Add a rug, it adds texture and comfort to any home and serves an essential interior function, especially if your lacking room space.


Zimmr Your Decor,


Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions