Interested in Interior Design and Decorating Courses? Here’s my top 3 DIY courses if you’re on a budget

“What’s knowledge without application one could ask” – Many wise and successful people & Janette, Zimmr Decor 

When it comes to setting up your start-up business or your dream job, I am a firm supporter of practicing your skills, hobbies and talents on a regular basis and if there is an opportunity to do so, to also gain professional or expert guidance to get you in the right direction of success. Speaking of which, I thought it would be great to pen what I believe to be some great kick starter and advanced courses for any new or seasoned interior decorators/designers out there.

I’d recommend you to visit the following websites to gain free qualifications online or via in-class training.

  1. Rhodec International Highly recommended interior decor course with a mini exam at the end to test your learning (free)
  2. Lee Brown’s Interior Dezine Courses Daily e-learning and personal insight into Lee Brown’s interior design and decoration expert tips and tricks (free)
  3. UDEMY– Learn how to design a room in 10 easy steps for your clients (basic courses at a budget price)


So what’s the benefit of doing course-specific learning to develop your skills for your brand?

  • It can give you the wings to your own financial freedom
  • It’s a flexible way to learn in your own time without feeling like your back at school again
  • Confidence in your area of expertise
  • Fun way to find your own flair
  • A combination of your personal flair and your enhanced knowledge of your industry will make you and your business more in-demand

For further courses which which require full funding check out this blog here which will give you a full breakdown of information, particularly suited for those wanting to advance their skills into interior design.

Best of luck & remember- it’s never too late to follow your dreams so why not start now.

Zimmr your Decor

Janette x,

Founder of Zimmr Home Solutions 


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